Our mission at UpgradeMyCV is to reveal the secrets of the recruitment process.   Our team of highly-experienced professionals know how to make your CV stand out from the crowd and increase the chance of getting the interview.

We will also give you all the tools you need, from the top interview questions to the best preparation techniques; and of course, a chance for you to purchase a personally tailored, professionally made CV.

Why Use a professional CV writing service?

You are probably be aware that we are out of recession now, but the fact is, is that the UK is still experiencing the highest level of unemployment it’s seen in over a decade.  Recruiters are faced with monumental levels of CV’s to filter through to find the most suitable CV’s.  Fact – recruiters and employers spend  no more than 20-30 seconds scanning through each CV.   We aim to seperate you from all the standard CV’s and CV templates that have been used a thousand times, by making your CV stand out by far.

At UpgradeMyCV, we have a wealth of recruitment experience; knowing exactly what to put in, what to leave out and how to make your CV stand out from the rest.   For the cost of less than 1 days pay in your new job, you can have access to jobs you would normally not normally get, by making your CV work for you.

Why not just do it yourself?

Our CV experts are specialists  in the field of business and recruitment.  Combined, we have scanned through literally tens of thousands of CV’s in our industry – from the horrendous to the excellent.   It is from this experience, that we have we now created the best, most captivating and most successful combination of content, layout and language to create a CV which will give you the best possible chance to secure that dream job.

CV Services

Depending on your needs, we charge from £39.99 to a max of £59.99 to rewrite your CV – either as an CV upgrade, or for a fully-written CV.   We offer a free CV consultation with one of our consultants, who will give your CV a health-check and see how it can be improved.   We will then recommend one of our CV services to beef up your CV and focus it’s presentation to getting the job you want.  We have placed a huge amount of people into their dream jobs through employers or the recruiter and we believe our service is the industry’s best.